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Holistic Self Care

Self Knowledge That Makes a Difference

In addition to individual sessions, I regularly offer self care workshops and emotional management seminars for people who are interested in developing holistic techniques to support healthy living.

I am a member of the National Counselling Society and am fully insured and supervised.

In order to promote social inclusion, I can occasionally offer sessions at a lower rate. Please contact me to discuss.

Emotional Therapy Sessions

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Learn to use the messages of your        emotions

I offer one to one sessions either online or in person. 

Although there are elements of psychotherapeutic processes, the emphasis is on identifying emotional issues.

Developing emotional awareness helps you to create unique inner resources to help with the difficult situations or relationships in your life, and you become better able to handle your emotions and manage challenging issues when they occur.

Call now to schedule a free 30 introductory session.

     Holistic Self Care Sessions

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Insight and Inspiration

Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious, burnt out or frustrated by your life and everything in it?

Do you turn to unhelpful and unhealthy coping strategies in order to cope?

Holistic self care sessions will help to guide and inspire you to develop creative and fun ways to care for yourself.

Get in touch today and start taking back control of your life with self care tools and techniques.

     Solstice & Equinox events

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Rituals of ancient ceremony

You are invited to experience ceremonies such as the Summer Solstice or the Winter Equinox. **only in Cheshire**

The turning of the Sun ceremony celebrates and honours nature's continuing cycle through the year. From ancient practices come seasonal events which have been common throughout different cultures and history.

Taking part in these timeless rituals reconnects us to the earth, to the plant and animal worlds, and importantly, to ourselves and each other.

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